Wednesday, July 14, 2010

MPSJ Tempat Curi Kereta

Minggu lepas aku ada siarkan satu emel pasal sebuah Estima kena curi kat kawasan parking MPSJ. Memandangkan kawasan itu dilengkapi CCTV, pengadu minta polis lihat CCTV itu.

Tapi alasan pihak polis kena tunggu 3 bulan untuk dapat kelulusan pihak MPSJ. Kelakar juga bila polis kena tunggu 3 bulan untuk lihat CCTV MPSJ.

Kereta ni sah tak ada orang nak curi.

Di bawah ini pula emel jawapan daripada pihak MPSJ.

I'm sorry that your car got stolen.. Just for your information, MPSJ's CCTV is linked to IPD Subang Jaya (not USJ8 police station). They don't need MPSJ's permission to access, they already have it. But even if they forget how to use the CCTV, they can just walk in to MPSJ (I have done this myself) and our technicians can pull up the feed from any camera at any specific time within minutes, not 3 months.

However, the downside to our CCTV system, there is only 90 CCTV, and MPSJ is so huge, only fractions of it are covered. The parking lots outside MPSJ along Persiaran Perpaduan are unfortunately not watched by any camera.

Jadi aku minta pembaca buat andaian sendiri. Siapa yang bekerja dan siapa yang tak bekerja.

Ini masalah kereta kena curi. Kita buat aduan kat polis, minta bantuan dan kerjasama. Kalau-kalau kereta tu boleh dapat balik atau pencurinya dapat dikesan.

Kalau anda baca emel di bawah ini pula, maknanya kawasan parking kat bangunan MPSJ itu adalah sasaran pencuri kereta.

Hello Folks,
This is not the 1st nor 2nd time a vehicle has been stolen from this parking lot just adjacent to MPSJ.
A architect was there to get his plans submitted & soon after he was done at the office he walked to his "parking lot" only to see a EMPTY SPACE ,, BUT SHATTERED GLASS from the broken window was visible on the "parking lot". The thieves were so efficient that they can break the steering wheel lock too besides getting into the vehicle UNNOTICED??
Do you think the MPSJ can be bothered with your problem? Did anyone think MPSJ enforcement guys care if this has happened to YOU? Their main concern is to hang around the entire of TAI PAN area to get as many "tickets issued" as they can everyday ,, for BIG INCOME SHARE.
Have you been a victim of such MEANIES (as I refer them besides other name calling) who can write a ticket & place it on your vehicle but the next few vehicles has none??
THINK!!! I decided to take snap shots of the vehicles few minutes after I got back ,,, mind you ,,, just hardly 10 minutes & this happened & this TWERP was watching me park & ran in to get something & back in a jiffy but he decided I was a good pick ,, did you think the 3 other vehicles have paid him not to write that ticket??

Jadi kalau pergi ke MPSJ baik-baik berhati-hati. Nak selamat pandu kereta macam kat gambar atas tu.