Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Car Stolen at MPSJ

My 1 yr old Estima was carjacked on Thursday July 1 approx 3pm-4.15pm. I parked in the 4th space from the guard house/exit alongside the padang whilst going in to pay assessment.

It's a valid MPSJ parking, merely 50m from the guard. I'm devastated! Pretty unbelievable!

There are a few things that I'm pretty mad about. When police report was made, the IO told us that they have no access to the MPSJ CCTV at the busy junction, which they claimed to be linked to in the 1st place!! They need to write in and it'll take 3 months!

That means we, taxpayers whose money it was that was used to install these cameras have no access to them when urgently required. By then of course it won't help much as it'll not be clear..so why have them in the 1st place?

To make matters worse, that row of parking is a hotspot for lost cars. This was told to me by chance by their staff! Cases range from 6.30am - 4.30pm.

Really shame on them for not doing anything about this as we have to park there to go about our dealings with them.

So everyone, please be on the alert if you need to park there.

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