Friday, July 2, 2010

USJ Sasaran Pencuri Kereta

Residen USJ Subang Jaya kebelakangan ini dilanda ketakutan akibat kawasan sekitar dan berhampiran menjadi sasaran pencuri kereta. Betapa pun kereta-kereta mereka dikunci dan dilengkapi dengan alat penggera, namun pencuri-pencuri ini lebih profesional.

Bagi mereka untuk mematikan alarm langsung tidak menghadapi masalah. Sehinggakan lebih teruk lagi kereta-kereta yang parking dalam kawasan rumah pun boleh kena curi. Adakala tow-truck juga digunakan sebagai kemudahan untuk mencuri kereta.

Kelebihan residen di USJ Subang Jaya dan kawasan sekitar ialah mereka mempunyai komuniti grup yang dikenali sebagai SJ Alert. Seandainya apa-apa kejadian berlaku, residen dimaklumkan melalui e-mel oleh grup itu dan e-mel itu juga on-line dengan semua balai polis berhampiran.

Di bawah saya siarkan dua e-mel daripada pengadu mangsa kecurian kereta.

E-mail 1
Hi Robert,
Yesterday between 3 to 5 am, a car was stolen along USJ3/3E. Please warn the residents around the area to be extra careful and vigilant. Thanks and regards,

Andy Lam
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E-mail 2
Dear residence of USJ ,

Yesterday afternoon I nearly become a victim of car theft

Around 1:00 pm I parked my car in front of my house with steering lock and alarm on and the doors locked. Then I went in to my house for lunch. I did not hear noise or alarm sound but after 10 minutes when I got out of my house my car was GONE !!!!

The sad thing is that when I called police number immediately and requested for help and guess what ? I was asked to call another number in USJ 8. Then the lady on the phone asked me to go to USJ 8 police station to make a report first although I asked her to alert the patrol cars around this area first because my car was missing just a mere 5 to 10 minutes hence it must be somewhere around USJ area ! I do not know whether she had alerted the patrol cars.

By the time I get a friend to send me to USJ 8 poice station my wife called to inform me that she found the car. The car was abandoned about 50 meters from my house. I rushed to the scene and found my car is still locked and with alarm armed and the steering lock is still in place.

According to one eye witness my car was abandoned in the middle of the road ( I guess it was been towed and some how it detached from the tow truck) causing traffic problem and some drivers pushed my car to the road side. However the eye witness did not notice when was my car abandoned what she only heard was many cars horned because my car was blocking the traffic.

I was lucky that I got my car back but many others are not as lucy. So please be extra careful when you park your car and look out for suspicious tow truck going around your area. They could be looking for target to steal.


E-mail 3

Please share a bit more info like which area you are staying and what model of car you own so that others have some idea of the area where these thugs operate and the make of cars they are targetting.

Thanks and Rgds.

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